Fresh fruits vegetables can be both backdrop to an amazing main course, or star of show. Here at J&PB Produce, our sole purpose is to provide Southern California restaurants with freshest produce to create amazing masterpieces.

Whether it’s conventional, organic, or local produce you require, we have a proven track record of sourcing quality produce daily. Our inventory in constantly evolving based on both seasonality availability.


Our commitment to providing restaurants with quality products doesn’t stop with produce. We have long standing relationships with all of premium dairy suppliers in region as well both international domestic as specialty cheese suppliers.

These longstanding partnerships allow us to provide our customers with cost effective access to essential core dairy items as well as a broad array of creative, off beaten path, options.

Milk, butter, cheese are just tip of iceberg.


Frozen fruits vegetables can be a cost effective convenient option to augment your food cost strategy. J&PB Produce carries a wholesale frozen fruits like mango, blueberry pineapple vegetables like peas, corn edamame. In addition, we carry a wide variety of Perfect Purees of Napa Valley as well as Acai Pitaya Plus smoothie packs.

Whether you operate a commercial kitchen or a juice bar/ smoothie café, we have a wide variety of frozen options to meet you needs.


Over last 30 years, our buyers have cultivated relationships with most sought after farms suppliers to bring you best nature has to offer. This statement is not only true for our conventional locally sourced produce, but also for our full line of fresh organic fruits vegetables.

Although we carry a full line of fresh organic produce options, our commitment to providing our customers with organic options doesn’t stop there. We also carry organic milk, cheese, eggs, as well as assorted organic dry goods, like organic beans pasta.


“Farm to table” is a trend that has become popular in restaurant industry.  Since it is part of many of today’s chef driven restaurant concepts, produce distributors have followed suit.  Although many produce companies claim to provide local produce, few actually have infrastructure to support a complete locally sourced program.  Our buyers have developed relationships with many of Southern California’s local farms including Weiser Family Farms, Pudwill Farms, Scarborough Farms, many more!  Produce Services is perfect distributor partner for an executive chef or owner who needs locally sourced options but doesn’t have time to visit many local farms farmers markets.


Many of our new customers come to us because they have had a negative experience with a previous vendor. What many find is that we are not only a reliable consistent provider of wholesale produce dairy items, but that we also carry many staple dry goods.

Canned goods, baking items, nuts, grains, beans, oils are just some of dry goods we carry on inventory daily.

We also carry a full line of granola’s in Natures Path Hemp Plus Granola, super foods like chia seeds, bee pollen, goji berries cacao nibs.

Request a quote to find out how J&PB Produce can help your restaurant with wholesale fruits, vegetables, dairy, frozen, organic fruits, locally sourced dry goods today!